Au Vieux Bourg is an iconic restaurant-brasserie in Verviers, offering a large menu of traditional brasserie dishes and consistently high-quality seasonal specialties. The cuisine is almost entirely homemade, with fresh daily salads, handmade pasta, and an exceptional trio of croquettes. The kitchen operates non-stop throughout the afternoon, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a drink or meal. The restaurant's standout feature is its wood-fired grill, which gives the place its unique character. At Au Vieux Bourg, you can expect a warm atmosphere, diverse brasserie menu, and unwavering quality."

The history of Au Vieux Bourg dates back to the 1960s, when the establishment was called "Le Vénitien". Over time, it became a must-visit restaurant-brasserie in Verviers. In 1996, Daniel Tsoutzidis, former owner of the Greek restaurant "Chez Didier" in Ensival (Verviers), took over the establishment after 20 years of management by Henry Simonis. Since 2021, following the floods, the restaurant has reinvented itself and moved 300 meters from its original location, right in front of the Grand Théâtre de Verviers. Come and discover this mythical place with its warm atmosphere and friendly vibe, where quality has been consistent for over 60 years.